How to Become Good at Clash of Clans – Information for Beginners

So you have just begun enjoying Game of Clash of Clans. The first step you have to do is to complete the guide. It is very easy to understand the first actions. Just go through big arrows directing to first most essential areas of the mobile game.

There are two small notices here I want to give you:

  • Don’t invest you Gems for boosting up the designs or completing the troop training improvement in the guide. Just delay a couple of a few moments for them to complete the work.
  • When strike the Goblin town, don’t set up all of the Wizards Just position two Wizards next to the Canon and you still can win the strike. Other Wizards can be used for the next strikes.

The first 48 hours

For the first two times, buy and update your Gold Mines, Elixir Lovers, Gold Storage space and Elixir Storage space to their most. You don’t need to update the protecting components, platforms or buy blocks because you just don’t need them presently. You also don’t need to develop the second Gold Storage space and second Elixir Storage space, 1 each is enough for enhancing items.

Once the Upgrade key in your City Area illuminates, just tap on it to update your town to level 3.


The next day

After 48 times, there are only 24 hours of shield left. It’s a chance to begin to develop and enhancing protecting components. Adhere to this concern order to develop defense: Mortar ~> Archer Systems ~> Cannons. Improve your Archer Systems to level 2 before helping the Cannons to level 2.

After completing those protecting components, you can begin to develop your facades and try to design your own platform to learn how protection works. Your Game of Clash of Clans life is gazing now for real. At starting, excellent preliminary protection is the Mortar. Put the walls around the most significant components, protection. Don’t let the assailants taking your protection down without difficulty. Once your protecting components are damaged, they can take all your available restore the cash.


  •  Essential Buildings: City Area, Storage, Cannons, Archer Systems, Mortars and other protecting components.
  • Insignificant Buildings: Gold Mines, Elixir Lovers, Designer Sheds, Military Ideologies, Barracks,

Spend your Gems wisely

How to Become Good at Clash of Clans – Information for BeginnersWith enough Gems, you can do everything. Just like money, you need to use them smart, (you need them to buy more Designer Sheds in the future). You should take a look at this specific guide for more information.

The Primary Steps to guard your Base:

  • Ensure that all your components are focused in one area.
  • Your key protection should be placed in the most defensible identify. Your Storage and City Area need to be secured by protection and enclosed by walls.
  • Use your Traps as much as possible. They can deal plenty of harm to the opponents and are always worth enhancing. Always rearm them otherwise you will lose more than the rearm cost. Put them next your protecting components and Storage.
  • Make sure your protection can safeguard each other. For example, Mortars can do plenty of harm but their strike rate is extremely low, although they have a wonderful strike range but have a sightless identify, that’s why you should position them inside the platform instead of near the area.

How to try out Game of Clash of Clans without defending? You can’t!

Attacking Other Players

Attack whenever you can. Fighting is the only way to win the mobile game. If you want to discover easier defenders, simply fall your awards by finding basics then give up. And of course, attacking is very fun!

Make sure you have examined how much restore of the cash can be thieved before attacking. Just don’t hassle attacking if it has none. When you strike Storage and Collectors/Mines, sources will be included to your Storages instantly so you can stop the raid whenever you want. After raiding, practice more military in the Barracks to substitute the ones passed away in the last battle.

Upgrade your Barracks whenever you can to opens new military and the Military Ideologies so you can bring more military to the Battle.

Joining a Clan

After solving the Damaged Group Adventure, you can enroll in a Clan in activity and get Social. Take your efforts and effort and check for an excellent Clan. You probably want to enroll in a Clan which has associates from your nation. An excellent Clan can help you with contributed military, discover new techniques and show you how to try out Clash of Clans Game the right way. When you’re starting out, choose an approach of offense or protection.

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