What is the Concept of Clash of Clans?

Playing any game cannot be fun until and unless you know how to play it. Although it is very easy to know basics of any game in the introduction page only, though you can play the dummy version to know more about it.

When it comes to some popular games, playing them is always fun. Ever desired to be a Viking leader, taking control our a small town and assisting it increase, endure and thrive? Well, Clash of Clans is where to satisfy that very particular dream. You’ll be given the job of battling off lots of goblins, enduring other gamers who get in your way, and trying to see as much of the experience as possible while investing as little cash as you can get away with.

That’s where we come in; we’re here to information you through your first days experiencing Clash of Clans. We’ll educate you how to try out, how to get the most from the experience, and the greatest ways to preserve your own valuable cash while still experiencing everything the experience provides.

How to play

What is the Concept of Clash of Clans?Everything you play in the game of Clash of Clans, you might be using one among three collared types at the top right of your screen; gold, elixir, gemstones, or a mixture of those. Gold is used to pay for your structures, buy new protecting components like cannons or turrets, and for enhancing structures.

Elixir is similar in that it’s used up when make or enhancing structures, but it varies from gold  in that rather than being used for protecting components, it’s instead used when making more soldiers to deliver out into fight.

Gems – the mission’s top quality market – are used to accelerate anything you’re trying for making, be it developing a new gold source or training a new set of soldiers for fight. You can also business gemstones for more gold or elixir. You’ll also find a designer gauge at the top of the display, which reveals how many contractors you have available for making components for you. You can build factors quicker with more contractors, but you can only get more of these employees by using gemstones.

I’d suggest using your free gemstones on these as they stay and provide long lasting benefits, rather than when gain of missing having to hold back around. Don’t even use the gemstones Super cell informs you to use in the information – just delay and preserve them for designer sheds.

Clash of Clans

There are several different kinds of framework you can develop in Clash of Clans, which all provide very different reasons. The main kinds of developing you can have are source lovers, source storage space, military components, and protecting components.

Resource lovers do what suggested by its name and instantly gather gold and elixir for you. You need to tap them to gather those components once they’re full. Resource storage space structures are needed to store bigger amounts of your sources. While not an issue early hanging around, these will become essential when trying to develop components that cost more than you can have.


Army components are all about producing and enhancing the soldiers you signal into fight. They’re the structures used to develop more fighters, practice them in particular positions and enhance their efficiency in fight. These are mainly used when going out into the world to strike other towns.  These are fixed components you develop and put set up to try and secure as much of your town as possible. It’s a smart idea to keep your town awesome and firmly loaded so that it’s easier to secure the whole town with as few protecting components as possible.

There is also a couple of other stuff to be aware of when it comes to your various components. The quantity of space you have to develop in is restricted by factors like plants and stones that you’ll need to use sources to get rid of. Plus, structures can be made quicker and more beneficial by enhancing them.


Combat in the game is easy to understand, just tap you want your soldiers to be implemented. Sometimes it’s best to bring more soldiers than you think you’ll need into fight just so you have not lost any passing away soldiers if the fight does not go as organized. The longer period invested planning will often help you preserve having to restore a whole military before retrying the fight.

General Tips

What is the Concept of Clash of Clans?Clash of Clans does not have a kind of charges for shifting structures once they’re designed. This signifies that you can research with different town templates to your minds and hearts content and not have to fear that your analysis is charging you. If you want to be unpleasant and go out battling other gamer towns, ensure that you have a really well protected town before you do. When you go out to strike other gamers your town may come under strike and you’ll want to take as little harm as possible during that period.

If you’re experiencing defensively to gather sources are sure to keep in mind to develop a military too, as queued soldiers can be returned later to get the elixir returning. By saving some of your elixir in the form of soldiers, you are making that elixir difficult for other gamers to raid like they might your conventional elixir storage space framework.

Queue up as many walls breakers as you can, then terminate them in order to get that elixir returning when you need it, keeping a large quantity of that source safe from opponent strikes while you’re off-line. Put your most reliable weaponry in between of your town. This indicates you’re most reliable weaponry will stay effective for longer.

Also, keep in mind to keep all firmly loaded together and to develop surfaces around every framework to slowly troop progression as much as possible. Walls are your buddy, so update them to level three as soon as possible and keep them everywhere. Don’t make battling your town easy!